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Countryball The Real-Time Strategy Game set in 1914. Choose your country, build your base, and manage your economy!

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Unique Countryball designs

Tons of Countryballs To choose from, unique designs, with extra accessories and skins that can be unlocked through gameplay

Choose your Country!

Get your Country (Real Or Fictional) permanently in-game by supporting us on Kickstarter!

Real-time Battles

Select your units and send them anywhere in the world they can reach.


Send hundreds of Units and Vehicles into war against Multiple enemy factions!

Combat is similar to any other real-time Strategy game, select your Units and give them any commands available to them. Send Units to war and even command some to build structures. The choice is yours!

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Countryball Strtategy Game

Players will battle across a real-world map designed specifically for Countryballs! Very beautiful, colorful, diverse map with all types of environments like snow, desert, volcanicbeaches, and more!

Get a small piece of the Map for your Country (Real Or Fictional) permanently in-game by supporting us on Kickstarter!

Navigate throughout the seas with small boats or massive battle cruisers.

Use submarines to stealthy attack enemy units and remain hidden. 

Small boats can help ground units transverse across the seas

Battle Cruisers are the strongest and deadliest sea vehicles created, with high attack and high defense, the only thing that can stand against a battle cruiser is a good strategy

Countryball Strtategy Game
Countryball Strtategy Game

Manage your GDP and Oil Reserves!

Bunker- train basic Units and when upgraded, can even build Artillery, Transport Vehicles, tanks, and more!


Sea-Port- Create Boats, Ships, and submarines


Air-Port- Basic Scout Planes and Zeppelins

Get Unique, exclusive, and Custom Soldiers and Vehicles by supporting us on Kickstarter

Build Military, Economic, and Defense Structures! 

Economic structures help to build your economy.

Military Structures allow you to build your military.

Defense Structures stand guard and defend your base from all enemies

Get Unique, exclusive, and Custom Building Skins by supporting us on Kickstarter

Countryball Strtategy Game

Manage your GDP and Oil Reserves!

GDP- This is your country's main currency and is used to buy everything in the game. 


Oil- Your country's secondary currency. Use this to purchase more technically advanced units and structures

Chromium- Stainless Steel, Green Glass, and leather treatment. Required For Advanced Technology and vehicles

Diamond- Used for Mechanical Equipment and Jewelry. Required For Advanced Technology and vehicles


This is your research tree. You can take your country down a few different paths and or even mix them up.


Choose Communism, SocialismDemocracy, or Mix them! Each Ideology will be similar to another but will have some very unique abilities

Countryball Real Rime Strategy Game On Steam

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Countryball Strtategy Game
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