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Countryballs | Polandball
Countryballs | Polandball

                                                                                         While not having tanks or oil rigs may have                                                                                               worked in the days of ancient Rome, this                                                                                                   conquest will be a bit different.


                                                                                          Military skills in CountryBalls are important,                                                                                              however, you won’t get anywhere without                                                                                                  good base building.


                                                                                          You have to balance your base between                                                                                                      Military, Economic, and Defensive structures.

You’ll need the Military structures to build your tanks, artillery, and planes.

But to get the resources needed to build those war machines you must first invest in your Economic structures.


Who’s going to defend your land, земля, terre, boden, or terra when you’re conquering?

Leave it to the defensive structures, they’ll put up a good fight against most attacks. But it’s still wise to keep some units for defense as well.


What kind of base will you build?

Countryballs | Polandball
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