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Countryballs | Polandball

                                                                                         We understand waiting for your opponent to                                                                                             make a move is not fun, especially when they                                                                                           have to step away from the game for another                                                                                           slice of pizza or to use the bathroom.


                                                                                          You have a world to conquer! You don’t have                                                                                            time to wait!

                                                                                          In CountryBalls, you don’t have to.

                                                                                          Smash right through their defenses with your                                                                                            mighty army before your opponent even has                                                                                            a chance to sit back down.


Make real-time decisions on where to build your next base, and change your tactics to surprise the enemy in the middle of a battle!


In the Great War, leaders didn’t have the luxury to take turns making moves, and neither do you!

All the action happens in real-time. All players and NPCs play at the same time!


  • Do you have time to build an Oil Rig before the German army arrives? 


  • Will your fleet of British warships reach the Baltic Sea before the Austro-Hungarian forces push too far into Russia?


  • Would France be able to mobilize fast enough if they were attacked by Spain?


Discover the problems the world’s leaders had to face, and perhaps, do right what they did wrong.

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