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The Dis-United States | Fractured Peace

Jan 2023, the United States was attacked by the United States claiming that the United States rigged the elections against the United States...

Just like the previous elected leader, the newly elected leader was sworn in and immediately got to work undoing nearly half of the "progress" of the previous elected leader using executive orders

but one thing they could agree on was getting out of a 20-year war in Afghanistan.

In doing this, the United States thought of the most strategic and intelligent plan to date.

The previous leader would arrange the deal for leaving Afghanistan safe and sound, by releasing 5000 terrorists along with a few Taliban leaders. The Newly elected leader would then very quickly rush all American military personnel out of the country leaving Billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind.

The Taliban (Afghanistan) claim to have the second largest number of humvees in the world thanks to the United States.

Overall The United States claim, that it failed but at the same time it accomplished its main mission.

The United States also blames the United States for its failure.

In Europe, despite all the pushback from the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Russia still invades the entirety of the neighboring Country, Ukraine.

The United States blames the United States claiming weak leadership by the United States.

Russian leadership claimed, the all-out war in Ukraine is actually just a small teeny tiny little special military operation to remove the Jewish leadership and his "Nazi" regime.

The international backlash has been fierce, with most Countries sanctioning Russia, and condemning its actions in Ukraine. Russia blames The West and Ukraine for provoking conflict. The United States agrees with Russia and Ukraine.

In Asia, a large Chinese military build-up around the Island of Taiwan has been increasing due to the United States and Taiwanese leadership frequently visiting each other making China increasingly angry.

China has vowed to eventually “unify” Taiwan with the mainland, using force if necessary.

The US Has vowed to protect Taiwan because they want chips,... and because of democracy.

Further East Asia, North Korea threatens to Nuke the United States for the 5 Millionth time because of the ongoing Military drills with South Korea, The United States vows to protect K-pop,... US Interest and Democracy

The United States can only seem to agree on one thing. That The United States in fact doesn't agree on anything.

-John Poster

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