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Countryball Comics Creator 2

Development for the New Countryball Creator started in 2022 game engine called Construct 3. 


One new main feature comes from the assets. Most Assets such as Countryballs, weapons, etc come in 8 Directions, making comics look far more believable. Here are the features so far

Countryball Comic Creator

Scenario Tab


Upload Assets

Create fast and easy scenes! Place down grass, trees, clouds, water and more!

Upload your own assets! Up to 12 slots! Uploaded assets take on the features of all other in-game assets (except 8 direction rotation) resize, pin, drag and drop, layer movement are all available!


8-Direction Rotation


Object Tabs

8 Direction Rotation instead of just (normal rotation) to make for better isometric comics

Switch through tabs with ease


Easy Switch Art Styles


Easy Text

Switch from Countryball Style to Polandball Style with a simple click. 15+ Backgrounds to choose from!

Choose your chat bubble, place the chat bubble and insert your text! Its as simple as that!

Countryball Rules - The assets in the Creator are of great quality and break no rules. So users should be able to post in ANY Countryball-related community with no problems

Commercial License - For use on an unlimited number of personal and or commercial projects




and more!


(Made with the Countryball Creator

Overall do what you want just do not re-sell the Creator or any Assets within.

We need your help to progress - Funds will go to the development of all Countryball-related content. This will also help get us bigger and faster updates like adding hundreds of new assets from Countryballs to objects.

The Product is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. You are licensing the Product and the right to access, install and use the Product in accordance with this Agreement, not buying the Product. As between you and us, we own all right, title, and interests in and to the Product, and you are not acquiring any ownership of or rights in the Product except the limited rights granted under this Agreement.

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Kickstarter comingsoon.png

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